ADTL will open a branch and its program in Ataúro

ADTL  will open a branch and its program in Ataúro

The Director of ADTL, Cezario da Silva with local's authorities

DILI, 14 july 2021 (TATOLI) – The Director of the Timor-Leste Disabilities Association (ADTL) informed that the ADTL team and the Association of Ears Disabilities of Timor-Leste (KDT-TL) had visited the island of Ataúro last friday.

The purpose of the visit was to coordinate with the regional head and all local authorities to install the Disabilities branch office  and disseminate its program study in Ataúro.

“We have coordinated with the regional head of Ataúro and he is willing to cooperate with ADTL, therefore in the near future ADTL and KDT-TL will build a disability office in Ataúro,” Silva said in his office, Mascarenhas, to journalists from the TATOLI News Agency, wednesday.

Silva explains based on the plan center government the island of Ataúro will become a Municipality in january 2022, therefore before the island of Ataúro becomes the municipal ADTL will prepare to be involved in the Inclusive Deficiency in Ataúro.

He added that ADTL wants to install its branch in Ataúro island because there are also many people with disabilities in Ataúro.

“We want to operate in Ataúro because many people with disabilities also live in Ataúro because ADTL wants to fight about their fate in the future,” said Silva.

Silva explained that while coordinating in the island of Ataúro, the regional head of Ataúro Mateus Belo was very enthusiastic about this collaboration and would provide a place for people with disabilities because according to Him there were still many people with disabilities whose fate was very worried because they did not access education and other aspects because there are no people who orientated them.

“I am very happy with this collaboration, I will stand beside to the people with disabilities in Ataúro, let us fight for their fate together,” said Mateus

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Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Rafy Belo


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