National Youth Cooperative members to establish more cooperatives

National Youth Cooperative members to establish more cooperatives

Around 200 timorese young people participated in a training which was implemented by SECOP. Image Tatoli: Francisco Sony

DILI, 16 july 2021 (TATOLI) – The 199 new members of the National Youth Cooperative who had been attending the one-month training of cooperative development to create more cooperatives in the municipalities, called on by the The Secretary of State for Cooperatives (SECOOP).

“With the one-month training on cooperative development, and being the members of the newly established National Youth Cooperative, your role is to create more cooperatives in your municipalities. You are going to be the creator, mobilizer, and motivator of cooperatives in the villages and administrative posts, wherever you come from. You are going to teach and spread information about cooperatives to our communities in the rural areas,” State Secretary for Cooperatives, Elizário Ferreira, told reporters, in Dili, on thursday.

He said the 199 members of the National Youth Cooperative will identify and unlock the potential of the communities in the villages, and diversify their economy through cooperatives activities.

“Your role is to establish a cooperative within three months. Thus, you need to make a group of two or three to create a cooperative in your villages by accumulating at least 15 people.  SECOOP will evaluate your work by the end of 2021, to see how many cooperatives you are going to create. Through this evaluation, SECOOP will know who deserves to continue this work for the year 2022. It all depends on your work and performance in the next five months,” said Ferreira.

These 199 members will sign a five-month contract as members of the National Youth Cooperative to work as cooperative creators, mobilizers, and motivators: “To ensure the sustainability of your work and the cooperatives that you are going to create, you will receive subsidies from SECOOP. But, SECOOP will terminate the subsidies in December 2023. And from that time, it’s your responsibility to develop your own cooperatives.”

At the same place, the first elected President of the National Youth Cooperative, Gonsalo da Costa Gonçalvessaid as the top leader of the youth cooperative, he would work hard to bring the cooperatives closer to communities in the rural areas.

In addition, Mouzinho Amaral, one of the members of the National Youth Cooperative, from Ainaro municipality, said that he will share the knowledge that he had learned during the one-month training to help the communities to create their own cooperatives in his village.

“My colleague and I will establish two cooperatives in my village. It is a must for us as members of the cooperative. Thus, we will engage more village people in cooperative activities. Cooperatives are important to develop and strengthen the economy of the rural communities,” Amaral said.

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Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Rafy Belo


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