QRF helps technique ttudents to perform swab test alleviate range COVID-19

QRF helps technique ttudents to perform swab test alleviate range COVID-19

The founder QRF, Isabel Fereira. Image/QRF

DILI, 16 july 2021 (TATOLI)– The Queshadip Ruak Foundation (QRF) made a request to the Crises Management Integrated and Mitigation center (CIGC), perform  Covid-19 swab test for students from the technical school (ST) Fatumaca, helping for alleviate range COVID-19.

The founder of Queshadip Ruak foundation, Isabel Ferreira said that this initiative came from the student’s parents and QRF is coordinating with CMIMC to provide COVID-19 swab tests.  This initiative is aimed to help students go back to school and proceed with the learning process at Fatumaca Technical School, in Baucau.

17 students have conducted the swab test and the result of the test will be shown in the following days.

“Students will go back to school in Baucau municipality, so the Queshadip Ruak Foundation helps them to have a swab test before they leave. QRF is willingly organizing this swab test for students because they are the future of the nation”, the founder QRF, Isabel Fereira told the TATOLI Agency in her office in Colmera today.

The person in charge of CIGC, Sergio dos Santos, said that crisis management had received a request from the QRC or Casa Cidadania to carry out a COVID-19 swab test for students. Today the Covid-19 team is available to help students to perform swab tests.

QFR made a request to the CIGC to provide students with a covid-19 test, before moving on and continuing their studies at Fatumaca.

The result will be announced tomorrow and the students will identify positive or negative. If they are negative, they can go to school but if they are positive, they must be isolated to mitigate the dispersal of COVID-19,” he said.

The student representative, Francisco Pereira said that this swab text must be performed to ensure that all students are free of covid-19 and they can go back to school.

Pereira also performed this swab test today to comply with COVID-19 prevention measures and everyone must respect and comply with the health protocol for COVID-19 mitigation.

“The negative result of the swab test will be submitted to the school principal and we are allowed to attend the class. Thus, we should comply with COVID-19 prevention measures and ensure that we are free from the new coronavirus,” He said.

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Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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