More than 1.000 Young People benefits for life skill program at CCYC Training Center

More than 1.000 Young People benefits for life skill program at CCYC Training Center

Comoro Children and Youth Center (CCYC). Image/CCYC

DILI, 21 july 2021 (TATOLI)-Comoro Children and Youth Center (CCYC) has been providing life skill training for more than 1.000 participants since for years since 2018.

Program Manager of CCYC, Delio Mali Lopes said that CCYC is a youth training center that promoting youth life skill. This is aimed to capacity young people to access for the job opportunity.

The courses are composed of language skill, English, Basic Computers, Citizenship Education and education for Life Skills.

“CCYC is provided 3 periods of training and more than 300 young people take this course in every year. 200 of young people successfully attended courses and got certificates. 1.000 people are benefits for training,” Delio said to TATOLI today.

CCYC also organizes youth refreshing training on in youth holiday season, and provides a place for them to promote their skills.

CCYC was established in 2002, under the name Comoro Child and Youth Foundation (CCYCF), and since 2007 formally joined to FONGTIL (Forum ONG Timor-Leste) and registered with a Notary until finally changing its name to CCYC.

Since 2007 until 2015 the CCYC faced several obstacles, temporary was pausing the activities because no more volunteers in 2018.

“It was the volunteer initiative and since 2018 has been partnership with Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, (SSYS). There are six of desktop computer and others additional equipment,” Delio said

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GMBH or GIZ is one of donator offered five units of computer to provide to provide Basic Website training for 36 participants.

Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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