GIZ, Philips University, UNPAZ, and CNC conduct exchange program on peace and conflict studies

GIZ, Philips University, UNPAZ, and CNC conduct exchange program on peace and conflict studies


Dili, 22 july 2021 (TATOLI) – The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale (GIZ), together with the Philips University of Marburg, UNPAZ University, and Centro Nacional Chega (CNC) conducted a five-day exchange program on the development of a peach and conflict studies curriculum, through ‘Digital Faculty Summer School of the Southeast Asian University Partnership for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation (SAUP).

The exchange program of the Digital Faculty Summer School started on monday this week and will terminate on friday (23/07).

Mitjo Vaulasvirta, the GIZ’s advisor at CNC, informed that the main objective of the SAUP Faculty Summer Schools is to create a fruitful exchange between the partners within the SAUP network and support each other in the development of a peace and conflict studies curriculum within the respective countries and institutions.

Vaulasvirta said the exchange program covered a number of topics, including conflict analysis, peace center conceptualization, curriculum development, conflict-sensitive curriculum development, incorporating gender, diversity, and anti-discrimination into the curriculum.

At the same place, the Executive Director of Timor-Leste’s Centro National Chega (CNC), Hugo Maria Fernandes said that the Summer School program was to establish a network between institutions in three countries in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Cambodia, and Timor-Leste.

“Three Universities of these three countries are participating in the Summer School program, including Mindanao University in the Philippines, Battambang University Cambodia, and UNPAZ University in Timor-Leste. In Timor-Leste, apart from UNPAZ, CNC also participated in the exchange program. CNC and UNPAZ had signed a memorandum of understanding to create a curriculum for the peace and conflict studies department at UNPAZ. Once the curriculum is successfully implemented at UNPAZ, then we can establish the program at other universities as well”.

“I think, through this program, we also establish a link between these institutions to share with each other about peace and conflict resolution. Thus, CNC shares conflict resolution and conflict prevention of Timor-Leste with Mindanao University and Battambag University,” said Fernandes.

In addition, Peace Advisor of the SOUP Program at UNPAZ University, Christina von Stosch said that the Summer School program was crucial for UNPAZ to get new ideas on the development of the curriculum of the Peace and Conflict Studies program and also build connections with other institutions.

The Vice-Rector of UNPAZ University on Internal and External Cooperation Affairs, Luis Pereira Cardoso said that participating in the exchange program was important to better the preparation for the establishment of the Master’s Program in Peace and Conflict Studies at UNPAZ.

“We learned the process of the establishment of a Master’s Program in Peace and Conflict Studies from Mindanao University. So, we will conduct a survey to ask the opinion of the public to see whether they are interested in doing their master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.  We also need to discuss with the relevant organizations to gather their thoughts about the program, then we will consult with the National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (ANAAA) for the official establishment of the program,” said Cardoso.

Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Rafy Belo


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