CCMTL introduces the specific induction of infectiousness diseases in the National assemble

CCMTL introduces the specific induction of infectiousness diseases in the National assemble

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DILI, july 28, (Tatoli)-Country Coordinator Mechanism Timor-Leste (CCMTL) held a meeting to share the specific induction of infectiousness diseases composed of Malaria, Tuberculosis, and HIV-AIDS.

Likewise, the meeting was also organized to observe the functional mechanism to achieve the main goal within ensuring the effectiveness and transparency of health program implementation, using global fund budgets.

To reduce and even to dismiss infectiousness disease in Timor-Leste, the CCMTL is committed to increasing the effectiveness of programs implemented by the Ministry of Health which is including the TB program, the program for Malaria and HIV program.

The President of the CCMTL, Filipe da Costa said, The CCMTL plays an important role to control the program implementation, must be ineffective and efficient ways since the Ministry of Health is a principal receiver for the global fund allocated for the three infectiousness diseases in Timor-Leste.

“The Global fund has provided the amount of $20.4 million for three different programs for infectiousness diseases including COVID-19. Of the total amount $.15.7 million set for the implementation of Malaria, TB and HIV-SIDA programs and $ 4.7 for covid-19,” The Filipe Da costa told Tatoli at the City 8 Manleuana, July 28, this Wednesday.

The MoH National Director of TB program, Constantino Lopes said the essential fund is implementing for three several infectious diseases such as TB, Malaria, and HIV-AIDS.

“The fund provided by the Global fund to the MoH with a purpose to use for work on combating the infectious disease in Timor-Leste. Since TB is a serious disease which has been suffered by 6.000 people while around 5.000 people were confirmed died from Tb,” Mr. Lopes said.

According to Mr. Lopes, the MoH has presented the five years strategy plan to CCMTL for the adjustment of the annual budget.

“There is there important point composed of Detection, treatment, and prevention. The minister of health is implementing a TB prevention program adapted for the three components above and it is currently effective working at the community level. This program is implementing in all territories of TL.,” He said.

However said, The pandemic situation challenges MoH to detect more TB since people are worry to access to the health center, and MoH registers 3.000 cases of TB and 5% died which is not including those who were confirmed died outside from the hospital.

The Program Manager of Global Fun Infectious Disease, Bonifácio de C da Costa Barreto said that CCMTL is intending to ensure the accountability, transparency, properly used of global fund which offered to principle receiver.

“CCMTL exist to guarantee the program implementation must be on target,”

The members of CMTL are associated with different parts such as; International and National NGOs and Target risk for infectious diseases.

CCMTL has conducted oversight for principals received comprising of Minister of Health, Bairru Pité Clinic, Maluk Timor, and Klibur Domin Tibar and among others.

Mr. Bonifácio also believes that in 2030 TL will be officially declaring zero TB disease in Timor-Leste.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario



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