Govt-ADB sign agreement on financing water and sanitation

Govt-ADB sign agreement on financing water and sanitation

DILI, 06 august 2021 (TATOLI) – The Government of Timor-Leste, through the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed an agreement of US$50 million financial support for the construction project of water and sanitation in three municipalities.

The Agreement was signed by Finance Minister, Rui Augusto Gomes and ADB’s representative, Sunil Mitra, at the Ministry of Finance, in Dili, today.

The financial support would be used for the construction project of sustainable and inclusive water supply and sanitation in three municipalities – Lautem, Manufahi, and Viqueque.

“Almost 60 percent of Timor-Leste’s loan and grants came from ADB. It shows that ADB trusted the Government of Timor-Leste to loan its money. Thus the government can develop the connectivity and invest in human capital development to enhance the productivity of the workers, which is important to develop private sectors and increase job opportunities,” Finance Minister, Rui Augusto Gomes said in a statement.

The US$50 million consists of a US$47 million loan and US$3 million grants.

In addition, apart from the US$50 million loans, an additional fund of US$12.5 million came from the government, which would be used to fund the construction project of water supply and sanitation in the three municipalities.

Gomes said the project would benefit up to 62.000 people in the three municipalities.

Before the implementation of the project, training on project planning, project management, operation and maintenance of water distribution system, financial management would be realized first.

The 8-year project was scheduled to conclude in 2028, affirmed Gomes.

Gomes called on relevant ministries, companies, and local authorities to better their work in the field to ensure that the project is going to be properly implemented and completed on time.

The ceremony of signing the agreement was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MNEK), Adaljiza Magno, the Minister of Public Works (MoP), Salvador Pires, and the Vice-Minister of Public Administration (MAE), Lino de Jesus Rorrezão.


Journalist: Florencio Miranda Ximenes

Editor: Julia Chatarina

Translation: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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