SEJD introduces youth programs to Manufahi Authority

SEJD introduces youth programs to Manufahi Authority

DILI, 10 august 2021 (TATOLI) – The Secretary of State for Youth and Sport (SEJD) introduced SEJD’s 2021 youth programs to the  Municipality Authority President for Manufahi.

State Secretary for Youth and Sport,  Abrão Saldanha informed that the aim of his courtesy meeting with the President of the Municipalitiy Authority President, Arantes Isaac Sarmento was to present SEJD’s 2021 program, focusing on youth and sports activities.

“The President of the Authority of the Manufahi represents the central government. Therefore, it is important to present SEJD’s youth program to him. So that, if somebody asks him about the SEJD’s program for youth and sport, then he can explain the programs them,” Saldanha told reporters after meeting the President of the Authority, Arantes Isaac Sarmento, in Manhufai, today.

He said the programs included training on hospitality, Internet, Information and communications technology (ICT), and stimulus for forming social entrepreneurship for youth in rural villages.

“The stimulus for forming social entrepreneurship for youth in rural villages is important to engage young people in the process of the development of the productive sectors. This program will be implemented in 29 villages, in the Manufahi.”

He said there will be school games activities for High Schools and Technical Secondary Schools, in Manufahi.

“We will also organize community games in three Administrative Posts, including Aals, Same, and Turiscai,” said Saldanha.

He said SEJD will hire also two young people to work with Municipal Authority to focus on the youth program.

In addition, Sarmento thanked SEJD for the program, saying the program will help to improve the capacity of the young people, particularly in Manufahi.

“These programs are important to involve more young people in the development of the productive sectors, namely economy, agriculture, tourism, and local industries. As we know that, young people are the agent of change,” said Sarmento.

He said regarding the sports activities, SEJD and the Ministry of State Administration (MAE) would sign an agreement to allow the municipal authority to have the competence to organize Community Games: “It is an important step to develop the talent of young people in sports.”


Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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