National Parliament urges government to build New Places for the flood victims

National Parliament urges government to build New Places for the flood victims

Parliament is expected to debate the 2020 General State Budget beginning July 30 (Image/David Robie)

DILI, 06 september 2021 ( TATOLI) – The National Parliament urges the government to immediately establish the Bairo Foun (A place for the flood refugee) which has been promised by the government after the flood-hit the country on april 4, 2021.

The member of opposition party CNRT, Domingos de Carvalho said the government had promised to build a new hamlet (Bairo Foun) for the flood’s devastating victims but it had not yet been implemented until today.

“I urge the government to fulfill its promise to immediately build the Bairo Foun,” Carvalho inform the media at the National Parliament today.

Carvalho said currently many flood victims are continued to live in the evacuation centers while waiting for the government to fulfill the promise.

“I suspect that the government has run out of money, it has been almost 6 months and these victims are continued to live under the hood in the evacuation centers, therefore we wish Government to create a better place for them and making sure they will no more live in the riverside to put their lives in the risks,” he said. 

At the same place, The chairman of the Fretilin Party in Francisco Miranda Branco explained the reports from the Government concerning the plan for establishing new places for the refugee, saying all the programs concerning Bairru Foun have been designed by the government but currently the government is facing the land ownership issues, making it very difficult for the government to build Bairo Foun.

“Government has the fund sufficient to build the new places for the refugees but the only problem facing by the government is the status of the land,” said Branco.

He added that the government would seek a solution to immediately build Bairo Foun in the short term.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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