Government to prioritize the productive sectors in the fiscal year 2022 budget

Government to prioritize the productive sectors in the fiscal year 2022 budget

DILI, 27 September 2021 (TATOLI)— The Government approved the balanced fiscal year 2022 budget this week that now awaits the Parliament’s approval, said in a statement cited by TATOLI today. 

According to the statement, the fiscal year 2022 budget is $1,675 billion with a larger percentage allocated to the sector of productivity.

“The Government approved 2022 bills following the six national priorities and the larger percentage allocated to the productivity sector such as Agriculture and Tourism, thus 27% for the environment and connectivity, 22% for Housing and social inclusion, 12% for Good Governance, 10% for Human Capital Development, 3% for rural development, 0.5% for the private sector development, 18% for the state functioning and 8% for the other activities,” said the statement.

The budget will be financially used for 43 programs in the Perimeter of 2022 State budget, over six national priorities includes Human Capital Development (Education, professional training and Health), Housing and Social Inclusion, productive sector (Agriculture and Tourism), environmental and connectivity, development of the private sector and cooperative, rural development and good governance, aimed to accomplish quality development and inclusive and sustainable of economy growth. 

Also The Government approved the budget according to the economy classification which is a general omnibus budget, and includes:

  • $565,9 million to the public transference
  • $449,8 million to Good and Services
  • $401,7 million to manage the unemployed and recruit more workers,
  • $233 million allocated to wages for the workers
  • $24,4 for minor capital 

The State budget proposal is to be presented to the National Parliament on October 15, 2021, while the Ministry of Finance will begin to prepare the book 1 to 6 of the 2022 omnibus budget including other additional documents.

Journalist : Camilo de Sousa

Editor : Nelia B.



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