SSSC implements VIC Program at village level

SSSC implements VIC Program at village level

The SSSC Chief staff, Osorio Almeida (Imagem/Special)

DILI, 30 september 2021 (TATOLI)-The State Secretary for Communication (SECOM) has signed an agreement letter with the head of two villages in Lautem and Aileu Municipality, to establish Village Information Center (VIC) and provide the information to the village communities.

The SSSC Chief staff, Osorio Almeida said SSSC has provided $10,000 in financial support for every village including Fuat, Lautem municipality, Seloi Kraik ,Aileu municipality.

“The $10,000 fund will be used to buy the equipment and offer the training to the young Timorese,” Osorio Almeida told reporters at the Government palace today.

He declares that the SSSC team will evaluate the VIC program implementation to see whether the fund is properly used to run the program.

“Improperly used of the fund during the implementation of VIC, the fund will be cut off from the villages and will allocate to other villages that need to establish the VIC,” Almeida said.

It is recalled that the VIC program had been running since 2019 with eight villages being the model program and until 2021 there were already twelve villages that benefited from this program.

The Head of Fuat Village, Lautem Municipality, Martins Pinto expressed his gratitude to the government through SSSC for setting out this responsibility to initiate the VIP program in Lautem.

“I think this is an excellent program for the community and even for the young people in our village. This program also offers training opportunities for young people to enhance their skills, the other benefit is providing the facilities at the village level. For me this is not an opportunity but a responsibility that must be fulfilled,” he concluded.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario



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