The IDRR day to celebrate in Viqueque

The IDRR  day to celebrate in Viqueque


Vikeke, 06 october 2021 ( TATOLI)– The President of Authority of Vikeke municipality and Head of Organizing Committee for the commemoration day of International Disaster Risk Reduction (IDRR), Januari Soares ” Boly” informed that IDRR day commemoration will be held in Vikeke.

According to Boly Viqueque is elected as the host for the IDRR day which will be held on October 13,” Soares Boly told Tatoli in his office today.

“We had made some preparation to commemorate the IDRR day, all local authorities in bahalara Uain will be involved to commemorate the IDRR day,” said Boly.

To commemorate the IDRR day the Government has donated $8000 to complete the activities which will be done to commemorate the IDRR day such as the Disaster Simulation seminar, Talk show, place the Board in the areas risk of disaster, and open quiz competition for students,”

The Organizing Committee will also socialize the disaster risk to the population to enhance their knowledge about the impact of the disaster and increase their knowledge on the disaster risk area in Vikeke.

The commemoration of IDRR will be participated by the members of the government and the Embassies in Timor – Leste.


Journalist : Vitorino Lopes

Editor: Rafael Belo

Translator : Camilio de Sousa


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