President Lu Olo Presides Over Swearing-In Ceremony of five Ambassador to overseas

President Lu Olo Presides Over Swearing-In Ceremony of five Ambassador to overseas

DILI, 08 october 2021 ( TATOLI)-The President of the Republic, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, today swearing in five new ambassadors of Timor-Leste, to do their missions in Thailand, Belgium, Indonesia, Mozambique and Malaysia.

Juvencio de Jesus Martins is the new envoy to Thailand, Jorge Trindade Neves de Camões is the new ambassador to Belgium, Filomeno Aleixo da Cruz has been assigned to Indonesia, Francisco Miranda Branco to Mozambique and Veneranda Amaral is the country’s new representative to Malaysia.

Lú Olo asked the envoys to maintain the promotion, establishment and development of friendship and cooperation relations between the States, in accordance with article 6 of the RDTL Constitution.

“The appointments represent the confidence of the President of the Republic and the Government. We believe that, under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, they will explore opportunities in the respective countries for the benefit of our people and country”, the President of the Republic, in his speech at the swearing ceremony at the Presidential Palace today.

PR added that the diplomatic action carried out by the designated Ambassadors in the destination countries must correspond to the country’s internal needs.

“The Government invests a reasonable portion of the State Budget in diplomacy. And it is obvious that it demands the well performers from the diplomats, especially the ambassadors – the complete fulfillment of their missions”, he revealed.

Juvencio de Jesus Martins, a career diplomat, was a resident ambassador in Malaysia and accredited to Vietnam and Myanmar. Later, he was resident ambassador to the Philippines. Exercised diplomatic functions in Indonesia. He played important roles in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Before the restoration of independence, he was assistant to the Secretariat of the National Council of Timorese Resistance, the platform for independence in our country.

Jorge Trindade Neves de Camões, also with a diplomatic career, was one of the three young diplomats posted to Jakarta, Indonesia, after the 1999 referendum. He held various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and in the external peripheral services.He was also ambassador to Vietnam for four years. And he is well versed in ASEAN affairs.

Filomeno Aleixo da Cruz was ambassador to Japan between 2016 and 2019. He also held the position of Deputy Minister of State Administration of the I and II Governments.

Francisco Miranda Branco entered political activities at a very young age, right after the carnation revolution in Portugal, in 1974. He completed his studies at the Lyceum Dr. Francisco Machado, at night. He started working as a civil servant in the then Economic and Statistical Planning Services, in the Overseas Province of Timor.

Ambassador Veneranda Amaral had an outstanding action in the field of education, demonstrating great commitment to the implementation of projects that allowed the expansion of relations between our country and Japan, within the scope of the Timor-Leste and Japan Cultural Center.


Journalist: Afonso do Rosário

Editor: Zezito Silva

Translator: Camilo de Sousa


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