Australia-TL discuss future cooperation in the economic sector

Australia-TL discuss future cooperation in the economic sector

Australia's resident Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Peter Roberts (Image/Cipriano Colo)

DILI, 15 october 2021 (TATOLI)—Australia and Timor-Leste discuss future cooperation in the economic sector for the economic growth of Timor-Leste.

The cooperation issue was discussed during the meeting between the Ambassador of Australia to Timor-Leste, Peter Robert, and the Minister of Presidency for the Council of Ministers, Fidelis Manuel Leite Magalhães, at the Government Palace today.

“We discussed the economic diversification, commercial aviation, economic diversification, and Tourist attraction that will bring the major impact in the economic growth in the future,” Magalhães told reporters after the meeting, at the palace government’s today.

Magalhães at the same time reaffirmed that the meeting today was also to update the information of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the area of communication and renew the documentation of the Fiber optic project which had been signed in a few months ago intending to ensure the quality of internet speed and support the Timor Leste’s telecommunication to facilitate the process the working administration in TL.

During the meeting, Magalhaes on behalf of the government of Timor – Leste extended his appreciation to Australia for the donation that has been giving to This country, especially in the time of COVID -19 by support Astra – Zenaca Vaccine and also the other donation to Timor Leste in dealing with COVID – 19 pandemic.

For its part, Ambassador Peter Robert declares that the Cooperation between TL and Australia is to develop tourism in Timor -Leste saying it will offer benefits to both Timor-Leste and Australia in the future.

“I believe that this bilateral cooperation will bring the benefit between Australia and Timor – Leste in the future,” said Robert.

Robert reaffirmed the Australian Government has committed to supports all ministries programs to achieve good performance to welfare the Timor – Leste and its population.

Australia is also has committed to bringing Australian’s tourists including tourists from other countries to visit Timor Leste after the end of COVID-19: “The flight operation agreement was signed by both countries several months ago, however it has not been implemented due to the pandemic but we hope the situation will soon return to normal so that we the program can be realized to recover the economy of Timor-Leste, ” 

Concerning the support provided by Australia during the pandemic, Peter Roberts said Australia is delighted to support Timor-Leste in the period of the pandemic.

Robert Congratulates the Government on their effort to raise people’s awareness of the COVID -19 vaccination in Timor-Leste.

“Australia is proud since the vaccination program in Timor – Leste is effective and We hope the Timor- Leste population can participate maximum in the vaccination program to cover 80 % of the population across the Timor Leste,” Robert said.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia Borges


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