2022 GSB: Govt allocates US$332 million for infrastructure development fund

2022 GSB: Govt allocates US$332 million for infrastructure development fund

Vice Prime Minister, José Maria dos Reis(Image Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI, 15 november 2021 (TATOLI) – The Government of Timor-Leste had proposed a total of US$322.453.139 million of the 2022 General State Budget to be allocated for the national infrastructure development fund.

Vice Prime Minister, José Maria dos Reis said that the government had identified more than 700 priority projects to be developed next year.

“The 97 percent of the infrastructure fund would be allocated to finance more than 700 projects of 2020-2021. The fund will also be used to support the viability study of 125 new projects,” Reis told reporters after having a public hearing with the Parliamentary Committee E at the National Parliament, on Monday.

Of the US$322.453.139 million, around US$34.995 million would be allocated for salaries and wages, US$940.865 million for goods and services, US$32.200 million for minor capital, and US$331.445.079 million for development capital.

The President of the Council of Infrastructure Development Fund informed that the budget would be used to finance 26 programs, 68 subprograms, and 1.004 infrastructures development projects in 2022.

These are the 26 programs to be financed with the US$322.453.139 million in 2022: Around US$ $4.407.817 is for a program called Bringing the Justice to the People, US$3.030.000 for Public Finance and Management, and US$950.000 would be spent on Culture and Heritage program.

In addition, around US$16.815.467 is allocated for telecommunications program, US$164.495.443 on road and bridges, US$11.989.298 on rural development program, US$6.099.832 for national security program, US$4.077.517 for national defense program, and US$50.000 on access to justice program, US$2.150.000 for petroleum and mineral resources, US$ 450.000 for the freedom of expression program and information access, US$400.000 for the transportation program, US$11.053.746 for good governance and institutional management, US$5.774.544 for agricultural sector, US$9.150.068  for water and sanitation, US$11.419.593 for electricity, US$2.777.319 for health sector, US$40.141.002 for airport, US$2.957,701 is allocated for ports, US$17.529.207 for damaged infrastructure, US$7.749.407 for education and training, US$5.126.310 for gender equality and social inclusion, US$100.000 for protection and conservation of environment, US$1.032.500 for tourism sector, US$2.576.350 for investment and economic diversification, and US$150.000 for planning and territory.


Jornalista : Hortencio Sanchez

Editór : Florencio Miranda Ximenes

Translation: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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