Portuguese Embassy Supports CNC in the Promotion of Human Right

Portuguese Embassy  Supports CNC in the Promotion of Human Right


DILI, 30 november 2021 ( TATOLI) –The Government of Portugal through its Embassy in Timor – Leste is committed to supporting the Center National of Chega, (CNC, IP) in the field of Human Rights.

The Portuguese Ambassador to Timor-Leste, José Pedro Machado Vieira said the support includes the promotion of human rights, education, storage, memory recovery, and information dissemination to the public as well as to support CNC facilities to access historical documents.

“All books and printing subjects will be in Portuguese to allow students from different schools to access these books, therefore I request CNC to establish effective communication with our Embassy to implement this program successfully,” Ambassador Vieira said in a statement released today.

The Executive Director of CNC, IP, Hugo Maria Fernandes, thanked the Portuguese Ambassador and delegation for their visit to CNC.

“CNC was established to implement the CVAR – Chega report with a total of 220 recommendations and five sectoral recommendations as an introduction to materials for the protection and promotion of human rights which are integrated with Chega materials in Education, support programs for victims of combatants and several international Chega programs,” said Fernandes.

CNC was established by Decree of Law no. 48/2016 under the rule of the Prime Minister with a vision; Social Inclusiveness, Don’t repeat history, live in peace and respect each other,”

CNC’s mission is to establish a post-conflict center that deviates from the past and advances human rights, establishes national and international partner relations to support a network of services to implement all recommendations from the final report of the Commission for Reception of Truth and Reconciliation in Timor – Leste (CVAR).

Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B


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