Timor-Leste is among the 50 countries that have successfully advertised their products in Dubai

Timor-Leste is among the 50 countries that have successfully advertised their products in Dubai

The Minister of Tourism Commerce and Industry (MTCI), Manuel Vong (Image Tatoli/Egas Cristovao)

DILI, 10 december 2021 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste is among 50 countries, out of a total of 192 participants, selling their products in Dubai, said Manuel Vong, General Coordinator of the Dubai Expo in East Timor (ANED-TL).

Vong stated that Timor-Leste’s participation during the exhibition period had been evaluated by the Dubai Expo Authority adding that the country managed to get an “A” score during the evaluation.

“The authorities rated Timor-Leste as Category A. This is our success,” said Vong

“We are evaluated in the field of hospitality, the way we welcome visitors, the cleanliness of the Pavilion, Particularly we have adequate security and unique products, For this reason, Timor-Leste is considered a country that can promote unique country products in Dubai,” said Vong at his office in Campo Alor, Dili.

According to the Products list at Expo Dubai, most visitors prefer coffee and vanilla and many investors are interested in investing in the oil and tourism sectors.

“More than 300 people visit our pavilion every day, a total of one thousand or two thousand people a week. It is estimated that 40,000 have visited us, since October 1 of that number around 65% does not know Timor-Leste. However, it is very interesting to promote our country at Expo 2020 Dubai so that the country is worthy of an international forum,” he said.

Vong added that the Authority would be successful in sending one container of coffee to Dubai, but they were awaiting approval from the Dubai Expo Secretariat; “Although we have not received any information, we have to prepare our products, once the permit arrives, we will transport the product to Dubai,” he said.

“The Expo Dubai secretariat also must verify that the products meet the requirements and issue the appropriate certificates,” he added.

He also confirmed that the country had shipped two types of products to Dubai, one for exhibition and another for sale.

Amaral previously revealed that the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAP) would send containers of coffee to Dubai since coffee is the most demanded product of Timor Leste in Dubai.

Journalist: Isaura Lemos De Deus

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora

Translation: José Belamino De Sá


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