MoSA: “STAE is ready to organize upcoming presidential election”

MoSA: “STAE is ready to organize upcoming presidential election”

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DILI, 28 december 2021 (TATOLI) – The Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) is ready to organize the upcoming presidential election, said Minister of State Administration (MoSA), Miguel Pereira de Carvalho.

“STAE’s preparation for the upcoming presidential election had reached 90 percent. STAE had informed the President of the Republic, Francisco Guterres ‘Lu Olo’ about its readiness to realize the presidential election in 2022,” Carvalho told reporters after having a meeting with Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak, in Dili, on tuesday.

He said the President of the Republic would decree the official presidential election timeline in january 2022.

“It’s not my competence to announce the official date of the presidential election. You know, it’s the competence of the President of the Republic to announce such a presidential election timeline. But I can say that we will have the new President of the Republic before the restoration of the independence on May 20, 2022,” said Carvalho.

He said as an Electoral Management Body (EMB), STAE would put efforts to realize the election before may 20, 2021.

In january, Prime Minister would make courtesy visits to the 12 municipalities, including RAEOA to discuss with the municipal authorities about the upcoming presidential election and etc, he added.

Previously, the Director-General of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE), Acilino Manuel Branco informed that until 8 november 202, STAE had registered more than 20.076 new voters.

“As of 8 november 2021, STAE had also registered more than 855.597 voters, including 6.538 Timorese voters who are currently residing overseas,” Branco said.

He said up to 1.200 vote centers and 1.500 polling stations had been set across the country, adding three parallel vote centers would be established in Dili


Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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