Two people died from dengue in HNGV

Two people died from dengue in HNGV

Health authorities said the fight against coronavirus must be fought alongside Dengue prevention (image/stock)

DILI, 03 january 2022 (TATOLI)- Head of the Cabinet for Quality Supervision and Social Communication, in National Hospital of Guido Valadares (HNGV), Sara Maria Xavier informed HNGV recorded two patients died from dengue during Christmas and New Year.

“We have recorded two death from dengue since Christmas and New Year, the deceased was a 10-years-old girl from Ailok Laran, Dili, and a 75 years old woman, from the municipality of Ermera,” Xavier told reporters in HNGV Bidau Toko Baru on Monday.

According to Xavier, The complete data regarding dengue fever has not been covered by the authority, therefore, it will be announced to the public in the next week.

For its part, Xavier wishes to remind the whole communities to continue to prevent dengue fever by maintaining cleanliness.

“We have to clean our houses from overflowing water, flower pots, broken cans, and other garbage. We must clean it every day to avoid mosquito bites,” She said.

She also calls on the parents to supervise their children to wash their hands before regularly before eating and when preparing food, saying that the food consumed must also contain healthy nutrients.

In addition, She also remind the parents to approach the nearest hospitals, or health centers if their children were found with any symptoms of dengue disease.

“I urge all parents in Timor – Leste if your child has symptoms of dengue fever immediately visit the nearest hospital to get medical services quickly,” she said.

It is recalled that Dili Health Authority had recorded the last year 2020, ten deaths from Dengue Fever out of a documented 1100 cases since the beginning of the outbreak. The outbreak began in January while the government was concentrating on combating COVID-19, and dengue cases have continued to rise until today.


Journalist : Felicidade Ximenes

Editor : Florencio Miranda Ximenes

Translation : Camilio de Sousa


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