Maria Clinic implements a Public Health Program to prevent dengue fever

Maria Clinic implements a Public Health Program to prevent dengue fever

DILI, 25 january, 2022 (TATOLI)– Maria Becora Clinic implements a Community Health Program in the context of preventing dengue fever.

Director of the Maria Clinic, Maria de Fatima Ximenes Dias said, since 2019 the Clinic has implemented a Public Health Program in the Maucocomate area.

The program aims to control all public health conditions, said the clinic has formed a team to provide information and help the community during the outbreak of dengue fever.

“We have visited nearly 300 households in the Maucocomate area. We are raising public awareness about the Dengue fever issue and how to prevent it,” said Mrs Dias to TATOLI, at her office in Becora Dili.

Mrs Dias said the team also invited the community to clean their homes and environment: “This action helps people change their behavior towards environmental cleanliness,”

“The incidence of dengue fever in the Maucocomate area has decreased. Considering that only 1 patient is registered at the Maria Clinic and there are no fatalities, but the patient is in the process of recovering,”

According to Mrs. Dias, the cleaning activities organized by the clinic have been carried out since 2017, but the program has been temporarily suspended because the state has imposed Covid-19 restrictions.

“To date, more than 300 families and 3,000 people in Becora have benefited from this Health Program,”

In the same place, Dias emphasized, her clinic also provides treatment to patients with other diseases including hypertension, diabetes and heart disease as well as dental treatment but patients will be advised to be transferred to the National Hospital if the patient is in severe condition. .

The Maria Clinic team consists of five people, one doctor and four technical specialist.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B


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