PARCIC exporting 111 tons of coffee to Japan in 2021

PARCIC  exporting 111 tons of coffee to Japan in 2021


DILI, 25, january, 2022 (TATOLI)— Community Cooperation (PARCIC) helps Timor Leste coffee farmers export 111 tons of coffee to Japan in 2021.

“PARCIC has exported two different types of coffee, namely Arabica and Robusta in 2021,” said Director of PARCIC TL, Ito Junko.

The coffees were provided by two cooperative groups as COCAMAU (Cooperativa Moris Foun Unidade Café Nain Maubisse) located in Ainaru City and COHAR (Cooperativa Hamuri’ik ho Ain Rasik) from the municipality of Ermera.

Ito Junko said Since 2015, PARCIC has established a warehouse and coffee processing facility in the municipality of Dili to ensure the quality of coffee before it is exported to the international market.

“The export process is carried out through Fair Trade. It aims to help producers for the country’s development, to enjoy better trade, and promote environmental sustainability,”

However, Junko explained the company faced challenges during the export process.

“The Constraints that are often faced by companies are the supplier delivery schedule that is not on time and the lack of service response to client requests, “

Ito Junko said that based on PARCIC’s plan, 90 tons of Arabica and 21 tons of Arabica will be exported to the Japanese market in 2022 and PARCIC is still looking for two more countries to buy Timor’s coffee.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B


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