EU, MoFAC and CNE sign administrative arrangement for EU election observers to deploy

EU, MoFAC and CNE sign administrative arrangement for EU election observers to deploy

EU, MoFAC and CNE sign administrative arrangement to pave the way for EU election observers to deploy. Tatoli’s image// Egas Cristovão

DILI, 03 february 2022 (TATOLI) – The European Union to Timor – Leste (UE) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MoFAC) and the National Election Commission (CNE) signed an Administrative Arrangement which will be pave the way for the European Union (EU) Election Observation Mission (EOM) to deploy for Presidential elections scheduled to take place on 19 march.

“The Purpose of this Administrative Management is to organize the relationship between the EU EOM and the relevant authorities of the Democratic Republic of Timor – Leste,” Minister of MoFAC, Adalzija Magno told reporters at the meeting of room of MoFAC, Praia dos Coqueiros, Dili, today.

The text stipulates, amongst other points, that the OEM and its members will maintain strict impartiality, objectivity and independence in the conduct of their mandate, the relevant authorities of the Government of the Republic Democratic of Timor – Leste will provide the EOM with any assistance required to the implementation of the EOM’s mandate, including the freedom of movement throughout the country and the freedom of access to all actors and information relevant to the electoral process.

The President of the National Election Commission José Belo said, the Election Observation Mission will start around one month before election day and will remain in the country after Election Day in order to follow the election process until its completed, including the processing of possible complaints and appeals until the announcement of the official results.

At the same Place, the Ambassador of the EU in Timor – Leste, Andrew Jacobs informed that the EOM will be headed by a chief of observer who is a member of the European Parliament. Only this Chief Observers or in his / her absence the Deputy Chief Observer, will be authorized to make public statements or comment on the electoral process on behalf of the EU EOM throughout the whole duration of the EOM ‘s activities.

The Chief Observer will present the final report of the Election Observation Mission, including its recommendation, to the Government and the public between one and three months after election day.

The deployment of this EU Election Observation Mission follows the invitation by the government of the Democratic Republic of Timor – Leste to the European Union on 12 july 2021.

Previously the EU had observed elections in Timor – Leste in 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017 and sent an Election Expert Mission in 2018.

Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Rafy Belo


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