MoEYS identifies 2,121 volunteer teachers in 12 municipalities

MoEYS identifies 2,121 volunteer teachers in 12 municipalities

Director-General of Administration and Finance of Ministry of Education, Antoninho Pires (Image Tatoli)

DILI, 11 february 2022 (TATOLI) – A team deployed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) has already completed the process of verifying the data of volunteer teachers in 542 public schools spread over throughout the territory, having identified 2,121 teachers, revealed the Director General of Administration and Finance of the MoEYS, Antoninho Pires.

According to the director, the team completed, in december 2021, the process of verifying data on teachers who currently teach in 12 municipalities, except in the Enclave of Oé-Cusse.

“During the activity, we were forced to cancel and recheck some data from volunteer teachers. In the end, even if provisionally, we realized the existence of 2,121 volunteer teachers”, said the director to Tatoli, via telephone.

According to the official, the team only checked the lists of volunteer teachers presented by public schools located throughout the territory.

“We are currently carrying out a survey of data from retired, sick and deceased teachers so that we can open 975 vacancies”, he added.

It is recalled that the MEJD team started, last year, the verification of the data of about four thousand volunteer teachers throughout the national territory to guarantee its establishment.

The MEJD highlighted the need for verification to determine the number of volunteer teachers.

The ministry team, consisting of six to 15 people, has checked against changes to the monthly proposals and therefore needs to double check to find out the exact number of volunteer teachers and complainants.

The ministry had previously registered more than 2,040 volunteer teachers in the 12 municipalities and the Special Administrative Region of Oé-Cusse Ambeno (RAEOA).

In Timor-Leste, hundreds of teachers have been teaching on a voluntary basis since 2013, without being registered in the system. According to the ministry’s data, 10,523 permanent teachers and 5,203 are hired.

Journalist: Isaura Lemos de Deus

Publisher: Maria Auxiliadora

Translator: Camilio de Sousa


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