USAID’s “Tourism for All” and stockholders share ideas on safeguarding immaterial and promoting Tais

USAID’s “Tourism for All” and stockholders share ideas on safeguarding immaterial and promoting Tais

Tais Timor-Leste (Image Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI, 11 february 2021 (TATOLI)- United Nations International Development Agency, (USAID) “Tourism for All project” with all partners shares ideas on safeguarding immaterial Tais and promoting Tais as TL’s heritage.

USAID “Tourism for all”-TL and stockholders share ideas on safeguarding immaterial and promoting Tais. Tatoli’s image//Egas Cristóvão

The Director of USAID’s “Tourism For All” project, Peter Simone, said more discussion between stockholders is needed to intensify every one comprehensive on Tais as the originality of Timor-Leste heritages.

“USAID through the Tourism For All project is expecting all parts cooperation to improve the tourism in Timor-Leste. It is a big hope for Timor-Leste to promote TAIS at the national level and even worldwide,” Chief of Party of USAID’s Tourism For All,  Peter Semone told reporters at Timor Plaza this friday.

He added that TAIS is an immaterial heritage that can be conserved on tourism sites. It gives cultural value to traditional ceremonies.

The tourism sector is linked with the heritage of Timor-Leste, to promote Tais by wearing original close Timor-Leste.

It is greatly honorable for Tais to have been recognized internationally and supported by UNESCO. Everyone must work together to protect Timor-Leste’s heritage.

Tourism for all projects is committed to working with SAC and other partners to protect and promote TAIS in the country and even worldwide.

Mr. Simone said the government must ensure tourism contributes to income and offers prosperity for people.

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The Director of UNESCO Jakarta, Fransisco Barreto said All Timorese citizens have a responsibility to protect, preserve, and promote TAIS as Timorese identity. UNESCO Jakarta is working closely with a Secretary of State for Art and Culture on Tais safeguarding.

Vice President of the committee of Patrimony immaterial and heritage, Abrão Riberio said the government of Timor-Leste has approved a regulation to protect and preserve the originality of Timor-Leste heritage.

It is required to promote TAIS on broadcasting, such as on TV, medical social, Youtube and others. Specially to show to all people to understand about the originality of Tais production process.

The representative of Timor Aids, Martino Sarmento said Timor Aids plays an important role in the responsibility to preserve the Originality of Tais. Tais must be identified based on different characteristics of people, environment and habitation across the country.

Thus, Timor Aids was focused on three points to preserve Tais in Timor-Leste. They are conducting a data collection process, producing documentation and sharing information regarding originality of TAIS.

This activity was participated by USAID Tourism For All Project, The Timor-Leste’s National Committee of immaterial safeguarding, ALOLA Foundation, Timor Aids, Secretary of State for Art and Culture and among others.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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