National Veterans Day: PM Ruak salutes National Liberation Combatants

National Veterans Day: PM Ruak salutes National Liberation Combatants

The Timorese Prime Minister made a statement on behalf of National Veteran day. Tatoli’s image//Francisco Sony

DILI, 03 march 2022 (TATOLI) – Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak saluted Timorese National Liberation Combatants for their dedication and sacrifice for the independence of the nation.

“On this special day, I would like to pay tribute to those veterans who sacrificed their lives for the independence of the nation. May their souls rest in peace,” Prime Minister, Taur Matan Ruak, told reporters during the commemoration of the National Veterans Day at the Headquarters of the Timorese National Defense Force (F-FDTL), in Dili, on thursday..

“Today, I would also like to salute all of the veterans who are still alive, including the commanders, sergeants, and all soldiers who dedicated their lives to fight for the independence of Timor-Leste,” The Executive added.

Prime Minister Ruak said that Timor-Leste gained its independence due to the sacrifices and tireless contribution of the veterans.

“I would like to salute our young patriotic and nationalist men and women who lost their lives during the 24-year resistance for the independence of the nation,” Ruak said.

He stressed that veterans had played a crucial role in contributing to national development.

“One of the significant contributions of the veterans is ensuring peace and stability in the country. They also play a significant role in contributing to the economic development of the nation,” he said.

Since Timor-Leste gained its independence in 2002, many veterans still live a life with so many difficulties: “It took 24 years to get the independence. Therefore, it’s impossible to just resolve all the difficulties facing the veterans overnight,” Ruak said.

“Achieving independence is not a miracle. Thus, we are not doing miracles to solve all the problems overnight. We need to put in efforts and keep working to achieve what we want for the people and the nation,” he added.

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Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Rafy Belo


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