PITL and TL’s government alerts to community avoiding conflict during the presidential campaign period

PITL and TL’s government alerts to community avoiding conflict during the presidential campaign period

PITL and TL’s government alerts to community avoiding conflict during the Presidential Election period. Tatoli's image//José Belarmino De Sá

DILI, 07 march 2022 (TATOLI)- Plan International Timor Leste (PITL), Secretary of State Civic Protection (SSCP), and National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) is alerting to all communities are living in Dili on avoiding Conflict during the presidential campaign period.

The Program manager, for conflict prevention of PITL, Laura Pina Said PITL is in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and SSCP through the National conflict prevention communitarian department to provide potential messages on contributing to the Peace and country stability.

“It is most required to ensure all societies avoid conflict. The message also to help people to respect gender equality, child protection and ensuring all girls and boys are free to go to school and doing daily jobs with security and safety”, PITL Program Manager of conflict prevention, Laura Pina told reports at the Ministry of Interior Meeting room, Caicoli, on this monday

She added that PITL is working with government institutions to alert the community about the effects of conflict. It contributes to physical and mental devastation and even brings destruction to community life.

PNTL will be going around Dili town and visiting all villages to share potential messages on conflict prevention during the period of presidential election.

The Secretary State of Civic Prevention through Director of Prevention National Conflict Communitarian prevention Department, Superintendent Ismael Belo said SSCP is focused on the mitigation for conflict prevention at the communitarian level.

“We are spreading the message to all communities to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of all people on avoiding conflict, especially during the presidential campaign. Everyone has the right to vote for a new president. However, all communities must be safe on the period of campaign and election period,” Mr. Babo Said.

The Vice Commander of PNTL, João Sancho Pires said PNTL will have 3 days on spreading potential messages to all DILI communities relating to conflict prevention.  PNTL members will go to all villages in the capital Dili.

We will alert all communities not to contribute to conflict and any violence against human rights. PNTL will be promptly available 24 hours to ensure all people are living in insecure situations. PNTL is not allowing people affected by any crime.

According to the PITL program, this activity will be expanded to Aileu, Maubise, and Ainaro municipalities.

This program is conducted for three years and is funded by Plan International for 10.000 USD.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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