The Philippines and Malaysian Embassy donate blood to help Dengue Fever

The Philippines and Malaysian Embassy donate blood to help Dengue Fever

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DILI, 07 march 2022 (TATOLI)- The Embassy of the Philippines together with the Embassy of Malaysia in Timor-Leste organized a mass blood donation with the theme ‘Donates and Save Lives’ to help dengue fever patients and other patients at the Guido Valadares National Hospital (HNGV).

Vice Consul and Third Secretary of the Philippines Embassy to Timor-Leste, Laser Blitz B. Sumagaysay

“We consider that dengue fever cases are increasing everywhere, because of that, this blood donation is to help overcome blood shortages, we really need blood donors to help patients who lack blood,” Consul and the third Secretary of the Philippines Embassy in Timor – Leste, Atty. Laser Blitz B. Sumagaysay told TATOLI at Timor Plaza, Dili on sunday.

He explained that, the purpose of the mass blood donation in partnership with the Embassy of the Philippines, Malaysia and the Association of the Philippines Society in Timor – Leste (AFET) to supply blood to Cruz Vermelha Timor – Leste (CVTL) and HNGV to help patients who are short of blood.

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“We are all ready to make contact with the people in Timor – Leste. We hope that the donation of blood will help the sick people who need the blood, we also have other partners such as Timor Plaza and the Ministry of Health,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Third secretary of the Malaysian Embassy in Timor-Leste, Mohammad Zurairi Bin Mohammed Ali, admitted that his party wishes to subvert something through a blood donation, with hope of saving the lives of people in need.

At the same place the Head of the Blood Bank Department, HNGV Januario da Cruz Freitas appreciates the efforts of the two embassies who have helped the people of Timor – Leste especially for those who suffer from various diseases which urgently need blood donations as soon as possible in the recovery process.

“We really appreciate the two embassies who are helping with mass blood donations, we have many patients who need the blood,” Januario Freitas added.

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Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor    : Rafy Belo


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