CNE will conduct an evaluation on the Presidential of the Republic‘s debate

CNE will conduct an evaluation on the Presidential of the Republic‘s debate

CNE building

DILI, 16 march 2022 (TATOLI) – The National Election Commission (CNE) will conduct an evaluation of the Presidential of the Republic‘s debate which is broadcast by the one of Timorese private television, GMN – Grupo Media Nacional, on tuesday, 15, at the Novo Turismo Hotel, Lecidere, Dili.

The President of National Election Commission (CNE), José Belo

“CNE trusts GMN TV to broadcast live on the debate, because GMN TV has more sophisticated equipment than Radio and Television of Timor -Leste (RTTL. EP)’s equipment, however it is facing the interruptions for almost an hour due to the unreachable internet network,” the President of CNE José Agustinho Belo, told TATOLI at CNE’s office Colmera, Dili, today.

The President of CNE José Belo explained, although the debate on the candidates for President of the Republic was not satisfying to the public, but did not generalize the people of Timor-Leste because there were some people who watched the programs of debate until it finished at 2:30 am.

“I realize that, there are some people who are dissatisfied but we have to understand, the internet in Timor – Leste, the internet‘s speed in Timor-Leste does not reach the capacity, therefore the live broadcasts which is conducted by the GMN TV are faced the disturbances due to the internet users but this is our experience to make the better preparations if there is a second round of presidential elections”.

“CNE will conduct an in-depth evaluation to decide whether to keep GMN TV broadcasting live in the next election or not, depending on the results of the evaluation which is conducted, jointly by the Electoral Management Body and the relevant institution in Timor-Leste,” the President of CNE, José Belo said.

José Belo, added that the President of the Republic debate, which was organized by CNE and directly broadcasted by GMN TV, was very transparency because all candidates had the same opportunity to speak and respond the questions which is raised by the panelists and moderators, but there was a small interrupt of internet which is channeled through the Timor-Telecom (TT).

“Many people blame CNE and GMN TV but this is really purely from internet disturbances in Timor-Leste. If CNE decides to give authority to RTTL, EP will face the same fate as GMN TV because internet provision is inadequate. CNE expects the public to not politicize the debate activities of the President of the Republic because CNE works professionally,” The official said.

To improve all these mistakes, CNE will evaluate the work contract which is carried out by the CNE to GMN whether it will still maintain the GMN TV services or not will depend on the evaluation from CNE.

“We should not arbitrarily terminate the contract work relationship with CNE and GMN TV because of internet disturbances, but we must study more deeply through an evaluation before making a decision,” the President of CNE, José Belo concluded.

On the other hand, due to the situation and condition faced by GMNTV during live broadcasting for the candidates of the Presidents of the Republic, some success teams had concerns about the preparation of the CNE.

“I’m considering this act as a serious violation as it is a State action. For us, it fell in our candidacy to answer the question but it had the intervention of the moderator so it will not continue to answer it. I ask the State to improve it since the manager is the State so it needs to see this situation,” Tomas Cabral, the president of Ramos Horta’s successful team, told Tatoli in the first debate session that took place in Novo Turismo Hotel, Dili.

At the same time, the President of Lere Anan Timur’s successful team, Hugo Maria Fernandes stressed: “My concern from yesterday, today comes true that there will be previous failures that they failed to resolve and finally tonight comes true”

Also, the candidate of the President of the Republic, Virgilio da Silva Guterres ‘Lamukan’, stated that its parts would not be firstly judging these technical questions. “Recently, I prefer the room of Laline Larigutu, which has a better space than Novo Turismo Hotel,” said.

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Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor       : Rafy Belo


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