TANE concerns on internet interruption and suppose not occurred during presidential candidate debate

TANE concerns on internet interruption and suppose not occurred during presidential candidate debate

President of TANE consumer association, António Ramos da Silva. Tatoli's image///Egas Cristóvão

DILI, 16 march 2022 (TATOLI)- TANE Consumer Association concerned on the interruption of internet connectivity during the Presidential Candidate carried out a debate. It is supposed not to happen in a vital debate.

President of TANE consumer association, António Ramos da Silva said it was an extraordinary debate for 16 presidential candidates in Timor-Leste country. It is time for all candidates to introduce the vision and mission they have to the public.

“All the Timorese were waiting for that moment. They want to know about the President’s programs which can be a vantage for the country of Timor-Leste. Otherwise, one of them can be elected president of Timor-Leste in Period 2022-2027. The President of the TANE Association told the TATOLI Agency at IOB University, Fomento, this wednesday.

He added that this interruption is supposed not to happen as Timorese people must more comprehend which candidate deserves to gain a mutual vote from the voters. People have a right for the decision to vote for a new President.

The interruption of the internet does not make people satisfied. TANE understands that it is fully the responsibility of relevant government institutions, especially for the National Communication Authority (ANC).

The Authority should cooperate with three communication internet operators to provide internet capacity which can respond to the need of consumption on Timor-Leste.

It is really prejudiced people’s right to use the internet. TANE has the responsibility to defend consumer rights.

Mr. Silva calls Telkomcel, Timor-Telecom, and TELEMOR operators to work with responsibility. Otherwise, the consumers can be an assumption on any manipulation for internet capacity.

TANE is also recommending to the government of Timor-Leste through the Minister of Transportation and Communication on the acceleration of the fiber optic program. This project will respond to national and international internet consumption.

It is not required for political decisions only. The government must seriously implement this program which gives benefits for all people.

Soon, TANE will have a meeting with the ANC to further discuss this issue. TANE observed that ANC has signed several agreements to ensure the internet capacity is accessible for everyone.

According to CNE data, the total voters across the country are 854,248 and the total number of voters overseas are 861.367, accumulation data is 1.715,616.

TANE Association will use Timor-Leste constitutional decree-law no 8/2016 to defend consumer rights.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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