MoF launches new website to publish the financial information to the public

MoF launches new website to publish the financial information to the public

MoF launches new website. Tatoli's image//Francisco Sony

DILI, 08 april 2022 (TATOLI)- The Ministry of Finance (MoF) today launches another new website to spread the information of the financial system to the public in Timor–Leste.

The Minister of Finance Rui Gomes, informed that, the creation of this new website is aimed to facilitate the public to access the information, about the financial and the MoF ‘s activities in Timor–Leste.

“I requested to all staff in the Ministry of Finance, to accelerate this new website to facilitate the students, academic, journalists, private sector and public to access the information about the books of general budget, and also the activities of the Ministry of Finance to ensure the accountability and transparency of the fiscal reform of public finance in Timor–Leste,’’ the executive told reporters, at the office of Ministry of Finance in Aitarak–Laran, Dili on this friday.

The Minister of Finance, Gomes, explained that the world had changed, all countries in the world had adopted digitalization including Timor–Leste.  With the establishment of this new website, will reduce the late payment and will reduce the double payment.

This new website is a new feature system with responsive and corrective features. This new website will be accessed via a fast mobile friendly tablet through the internet link and already setting the invoice tracking system, status of payment request, E-recruitment and the other application, that will deliver   the credible and accurate information efficiently to the public.

This new website can be realized by the four people of Timorese IT engineering ‘s initiative. They are Ponciano Viera, Team Leader, Pedro Carvalho, Website Developer, Nizia de Castro, Database Administrator, Ramalho dos Santos, Chief of Application and Management.

“On behalf of the Government I appreciated and thanked the fourth Timorese which had established the new website that MoF initiated in the past two year ago. This shows what Timorese can do.  I also thanked the former Deputy Minister of Finance Sara Lobo, who had worked hard to realize this new website to facilitate credible information about the financial fiscal reform and the Ministry of Finance ‘s activities to the public in Timor–Leste.

 Previously in the past ten years ago Ministry of Finance had established the website system of National Single Windows in Timor–Leste and today, the Ministry of Finance launched another new website with the system of responsive and corrective to respond the public ‘s complaining to accelerate the information to public in across the Timor–Leste.

Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor     : Rafy Belo


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