MSA completes 91% of the “Uma Kbiit Laek”‘s Program

MSA completes 91% of the “Uma Kbiit Laek”‘s Program

"Uma kbiit laek"'s program. Tatoli's image//Natalino Belo

DILI, 08 april 2022 (TATOLI)- The Ministry of State Administration (MSA) through the National juice development program (PNDS), completes 91% of the houses for needy families in the territory of Timor–Leste – “Uma Kbit Laek” (House for the Needy).

“Of the 1,254 homes planned, MSA has already completed the construction of 1,141 in 150 villages,” the Deputy Minister of MSA, Lino de Jejus said at the press conference at Palace Government in Dili.

The Deputy Minister of MSA, explained that 113 houses remain to be built (9%), but the current road conditions do not allow the transport of construction materials to the villages of Afaloicai, in Baguaia, and Soba in Laga, in Baucau.

The Vice Minister of MSA, Lino de Jesus, also mentioned that these villages are located in remote areas, but assured that the Government is taking steps to ensure that the materials will reach the site.

The Deputy Minister of MSA, Lino de Jesus, recalled that, in 2021 the Government allocated US$25 million for housing construction.

The Vice Minister of MSA, considered that the PNDS program, in addition to offering various benefits to the needy population, created 27,000 jobs.

It is recalled that in 2022, the VIII Constitutional Government allocated US$ 71 million for the extension of the program “Uma Kbiit Laek”, with the objective of building houses for ten households in each village across the Timor–Leste except Dili.

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Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor      : Rafy Belo


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