ANPM verifies documents of supervisory companies for national library construction

ANPM verifies documents of supervisory companies for national library construction

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DILI, 11 april 2022 (TATOLI) – The National Petroleum and Mineral Authority (ANPM) team is verifying the documents of supervisory companies for the national library construction.

ANPM is responsible for documents verification for supervisory companies that will be responsible for National library construction.

ANPM’s Local Content Manager, Estanislau Salsinha Martins, explained that the submission of company documents was concluded earlier this month.

“The tenderization of the supervisory company on national library construction was open to national and international companies. There are four international companies that have submitted the documents for the billing,” The ANPM’s Local Content Manager, Estanislau Salsinha Martins informed TATOLI Agency via phone, this monday.

Estanislau Martins explained that the ANPM team is evaluating the documents in order to decide which company has deserved the supervision.

ANPM is in coordination with the National Library from the Secretary of State for Arts and Culture (SEA).

Mr. Martins ensured that the conclusion of documents verification will be finished as soon as possible and it will allow the commencement of the construction project.

The person in charge said that ANPM will publish public tenders in mid-january.

According to the official, the qualified construction company has been identified. Thus, the international company ENY cannot be published.

The National Director of the Library and Museums of the Secretary of State for Art and Culture (SEA), João Fátima da Cruz, said that SEA and ANPM had signed an agreement. It is to support ANPM for construction financially, if the amount of construction is not enough.

The Italian international company “ENY” provided the financial for the national library company the amount of 10 million USD.

ENY will announce the construction companies after the government officially finalized the documents process.

The official assured that the construction can be implemented in this april, but it is required an agreement between the Government through ANPM and ENY company. The director recalled that the agreement was made last week.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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