CNE and UNDP encourage university students to engage in the Election period

CNE and UNDP encourage university students to engage in the Election period

DILI, 11 april 2022 (TATOLI)- The National Election Commission (CNE) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) encouraged students in election engagement.

The President of CNE, José Belo said it is most important to engage young people especially students in the election.

“CNE has the responsibility to invite all students to be actively participating at the present election and even in the future,” said the president of José Belo to journalists at Suai Room, Timor Plaza, this monday.

Mr. Belo added that students are the new generation of Timor-Leste. Therefore, they have to deeply understand the importance of elections for a country.

He emphasized that the country’s determination is decided through a democratic System on an election process.

“Students are the new generation required to vote on election’s day. The country’s development will be decided on the result of the voting and it is also mutually contributing for the country’s future development”.

At the same place, The UNDP’s program manager covering the resilience election, Tito Filipe said the initiative of this activity was to share messages to students regarding the election period.

“University students should fully participate in an election. They have to participate in the election registration and voting process,” The UNDP’s program manager of election resilience, Tito Filipe said.

UNDP is also encouraging university students to vote during an election period. The preview election results in the last march show less participation in the voting process in the election.

According to CNE’s data, 27.000 new voters have registered for the presidential election in 2022. It is known that there are 4.030 students from several universities who have been registered.

The youth election engagement activity is financed by the government of Japan and implemented by UNDP in cooperation with the CNE.

The youth election engagement seminar is participated by more than 100 students from two different universities composed of the University of DILI (UNDIL) and the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL), among others.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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