PITL considers online harassment is an issue plaguing digital spaces for young girls

PITL considers online harassment is an issue plaguing digital spaces for young girls

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DILI, 28 april 2022, (TATOLI)– Plan International Timor-Leste (PITL) views online harassment as a problem that disrupts the digital space for young adults.

Speaking to reporters at the ‘Technology, information and communication girl world’ commemoration, organized by Plan International in Timor-Leste, WGTIC’s Female Representative, Lola Mok said it was important for Timorese adults to have knowledge and awareness of using the internet because Online, harassment is a common problem faced by many girls and women in the online space.

“PITL ensures that young people must have the knowledge to access, use devices, and understand the online platforms. This helps young people to make their own decisions,” PITL representative of the Girl on Technology Responsible program, Lola Mok told reporters in the Mahoka meeting room, Hudi laran, recent thursday.

 During the commemoration event, the PITL ensured that young Timorese would be safe and free to access information online, to help them engage in activities and make decisions for themselves in the future.

“PITL focuses on advocating for online harassment in campaigns for sharing free online information via radio and other networks,” She said.

A student from the Dili Institute of Technology, Viona Maria Cleopatra Carvalho Faculto said this was a great opportunity for her to get as much information as possible about online harassment.

“I will exchange information with my other friends about how to use the internet properly. As Females, we must have the confidence to solve problems for ourselves to avoid negative context,” She added

According to a survey of PITL data from 26 countries shows more than 26,000 girls and young women experienced online harassment.

Around 91% of girls and women are concerned about online misinformation and disinformation, while Mis- and disinformation has a negative impact on 87 percent of the girls surveyed.

The survey also showed that 46% of females feel uncomfortable and depressed.

So far the workshop activities are funded by PITL with a total of 10,000 USD and attended by 150 students from seven universities including students from high school.

Journalist: Jose Belarmino De Sa

Editor: Nelia Borges


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