Government and A-Smart Holding Ltd launches groundbreaking ceremony for TMS

Government and A-Smart Holding Ltd launches groundbreaking ceremony for TMS

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DILI, 17 may 2022 (TATOLI) – The Government of Timor-Leste and the Singapore Company A-Smart Holding Ltd, Launched a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Timor Marine Square (TMN) in Licidere Dili, may 17, 2022.

The Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, Taur Matan Ruak in his open speech stated that the 8th Constitutional Government has set as a priority to diversify the economy, especially by promoting initiatives that encourage and stimulate the growth of productive sectors that are considered the strategy for national development, such as Tourism and, Agriculture and the transforming industries of natural and oil resources.

The construction of the TMS was also established as a major national goal, reducing excessive dependence on Petroleum Fund revenues, as well as gradually reducing the weight of the public sector in the economy, by strengthening investment and private initiative.

“In the week that we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Independence Restoration, it is with great joy and satisfaction that today I participate in this Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Construction of Timor Marina Square, which materializes the country ‘s priorities and makes possible the fulfillment of one of the great national design, with a private enterprise, financed by the international fund that allows the appearance of a new economic operator in the Tourism sector,’’ Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak told reporters in Lecidere, Dili on this tuesday.

A ceremony that celebrates the beginning of an urban rehabilitation that will take in this important area of Largo Lecider.

Prime Minister believes that this TMS will be a better quality of hotels offered in this country for the guests.

“This new infrastructure, modern, efficient, economically and environmentally sustainable will provide not only new services to our citizens, tourists, investors and businessmen that visit us, through the hotel, restaurant, shop, and flats, but also better hotel offers in the country and quality services to our users,”

According to PM, the construction of this TMS is also a business that sets the pace of growth and progress that the government wishes for the country with more innovation more creativity, and more private entrepreneurship, simulating the emergence of a new generation of qualified workers and economic operators.

“An investment that certainly contributes to the Government‘s major objectives and demanded by our citizens, especially the youngest, who seek new training and employment opportunities, capable of increasing their qualifications and skills, as well as their sources of income well-being and quality of life. The Timor Marina Square Complex represents the growth and modernity that we want for our country’’

“An investment of $50 million, exclusively private, invested in Timor – Leste ‘s land, which demonstrates the commitment and confidence of external investors in our collective future,” PM added.

Timor – Leste is a welcoming, safe and peaceful country, with different offers and potentialities in the tourism, agriculture fishery, industry, commerce, and service sectors which will benefit the community with this new urban development pole.

“We are confident that the presence of this infrastructure in Lecidere Dili, will be a driver of new employment and business opportunities, generating hundreds of jobs in support services, transport, commerce, logistics, and technical – financial services, also new opportunities for training and capacity building that will rice the standard and level of quality in the supply of Timor – Leste’s hospitality industry.’’

PM, therefore, Extend the Government appreciation to the Representative of Timor Marine Square S.A and the CEO of A Smart Holding Ltd, Liam Huan Chiang for the investment made in Timor-Leste adding that This is undoubtedly a good way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Independence Restoration, making all Timorese best wishes for future of prosperity and modernity.

At the same Place Lim Huan Chiang, Justice of the Peace Group CEO Executive Director A- Smart Holding Ltd, Singapore said that Marina Square will help create job opportunities and level up the workforce of Timor – Leste, so that the Timorese are equipped with the necessary skills for the future domestic or international project.

“I would also like to share that the consortium plans to take part in another significant project in Timor – Leste such as the construction of holiday resort, public housing – 5 -stars hotels and quality offices, etc, especially in other areas of the city center, finally as Timor – Leste continues to grow and prosper under the capable leadership of the Timorese government, we sincerely hope that we can also play a small part in your nation-building,’’ he said.


Joournalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor : Nelia Borges


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