Timorese people put trust in Horta to maintain national peace and stability

Timorese people put trust in Horta to maintain national peace and stability

(Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI, 19 may 2002 (TATOLI)-Timorese people put their trust in the new President of the Republic, José Ramos Horta to maintain the national peace and stability during his five-year mandate as the Head of State.

President José Ramos Horta has been sworn in as the President of the Republic, on Thursday night, in Tasi-Tolu, Dili, at around 11.45 pm local time,

Adriana Gonçalves, one of the Street vendors in Tasi-Tolu(photo Tatoli/Felicidade Ximenes)

Adriana Gonçalves, one of the Street vendors in Tasi-Tolu called on the new President to maintain peace and stability in the country.

“I want the new President to keep peace and stability in the country, so that, I can keep selling my stuff in the streets to support my family,” Gonçalves told Tatoli, in Tasi-Tolu, on Thursday night.

She also called on the President to promote national dialogues to embrace all parties to ensure basic infrastructure, including road construction, electricity, and clean water.

At the same place, Eurico Carvalho de Jesus said President needed to cooperate with the government to support the poor in the country.

Eurico Carvalho de Jesus (Photo Tatoli/Felicidade XImenes)

“We want President Horta to consider our voices to maintain peace in the country so that we can do our small business to support our family’s daily life,” he stressed.

Leonito Florindo believed that Ramos Horta would promote dialogues with all parties to ensure stability and peace in the country: “Horta must keep his campaign promise by cooperating with the government to send Timorese to work overseas – Japan, Canada, and the UK.”

“Horta needed to cooperate with these nations to send young Timorese people to work overseas. This would help to support the economic hardship of many families across Timor-Leste,” said Florindo.

Gabriel Oliveira de Araujo(Photo Tatoli/Felicidade XImenes)

Gabriel Oliveira de Araujo, a Timorese young disabled said he was delighted to attend the presidential inauguration ceremony.

“Everyone has the same right to participate in this special event. I feel proud to participate in this special occasion,” Araujo expressed his contentment.

After being sworn in as the President of the Republic, Horta pledged to be the President of all Timorese people: “I am not representing only those who voted for me, but I am the President for all people.”

Horta promised that he would restore the rule of law and perform his functions as the Head of State in accordance with the constitutional order.

“As President, I am committed to doing everything I can to safeguard the values enshrined in our Constitution, to protect freedom of thought, belief, expression, and pluralism of opinion; for the struggle for more social justice; and for the defense of values that are linked to our national identity and that are rooted in heroism, in the magical-imaginary, in simplicity, humility, generosity, openness, in the pursuit of inclusion, and in the unshakable faith of the Timorese People.

Horta secured 397.145 votes, or 62.09 percent, against formed President Francisco “Lu-Olo” Guterres’ 242.440, or 37.91 percent.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Florencio Miranda Xiemenes/Nelia Borges

Translation: Filomeno Martins


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