Mercy Crops and SEA discuss plastic waste and Recycling Management

Mercy Crops and SEA discuss plastic waste and Recycling Management

DILI, 3 june 2022 (TATOLI)- Commemorating World Environment Day, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Mercy Crops and the State Secretary for the Environment (SEA) discussed waste management and plastic recycling.

This discussion aims to gather authorities working on environmental protection to share ideas to focus on waste management and recycling.

Mercy Crops is intended to invite all parties to become environmental protection agents. Especially for the group of companies that mostly produce a lot of plastic waste that damages the environment,” said Mercy Crops Economic Circular Program Manager, Clement Albano at the Fundasaun Oriente, Bairru Dos Girilius, this Friday.

He added that 12 business groups were participating in this activity to get information about how to manage plastic waste properly while running their business.

The National Director of Water and Sanitation, Herminio Monis Ribeiro admits that waste is not properly managed across the city of Dili so the authorities will establish more than 40 garbages can in Dili in 2022.

He admits the garbage collection in Tibar also needs more management and the community living in the garbage collection point will also be moving out to other places.

“The government has transferred the recapitulation payment to all the people. They will soon be moving from TIBAR’s garbage collection point”

National Director of Pollution Control, Nelson Madeira, in the same place, said that every company including national and international companies that do not contribute to waste management will be subject to a 30% of tax.

from January to May In 2022, SEA was fined USD 40,000 from WASILA Company, for improper disposal of the company’s waste oil.

Meanwhile, the government also collected more than 15.000,00 USD from 19 companies that dispose of plastic improperly

So far in 2021, the Authority has collected 220 tons of plastic waste but after the Government implemented the zero plastic program, the amount of plastic waste was reduced to 200 tons from 220 tons in 2022.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B


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