EU Election Observation Mission presents five important recommendations to improve TL’s future elections

EU Election Observation Mission presents five important recommendations to improve TL’s future elections


DILI, 12 july 2022 (TATOLI) – The delegation of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU-EOM) has released its report on Timor-Leste’s 2022 Presidential and presented five important recommendations to improve the future elections in the country.

The report was jointly launched by the members of the European Parliament (MEP) and the Chief of Mission of EU-EOP, Domenec Ruiz Devesa, on Monday (11/07).

The report included a list of recommendations to help the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) and National Election Commission (CNE) to improve future elections, especially the upcoming Parliamentary Elections.

The delegation led by Devesa would meet with Timorese authorities and representatives of the Timorese institutions, the electoral management bodies, the Court of Appeal, political parties, and civil society to exchange views on the content of the final report and explore possible ways to implement the recommendations.

“We return to Timor-Leste with the final report produced after the elections. This report contains priority recommendations based on the international, regional, and national obligations and communities on the conduct of democratic elections to which Timor-Leste has subscribed for a possible comprehensive and lasting reform in line with the expectations of the Timorese people,” said MEP.

These are the five recommendations considered to be priorities in the final report of the European Union Election Observation Mission to Timor-Leste 2022:

  • Consolidate all electoral legislation into a consistent and unified Electoral Code, with accompanying electoral regulations, available in Portuguese and Tetun.
  • Undertake legal reform, including the introduction of regulations, early enough in the electoral cycle to provide stakeholders time to understand and prepare for the new rules.
  • Consult the National Elections Commission (CNE) consistently and systematically when preparing the regulatory framework for the elections.
  • Strengthen campaign finance oversight by giving the CNE a clear competency in this field and empower this body to take a more assertive and proactive role.
  • Review the campaign finance rules and reporting requirements to strengthen equality, transparency, and accountability in the electoral process.

The EU-EOM to Timor-Leste 2022 will organize this thursday 14 july, in collaboration with the delegation of the European Union in Timor-Leste, a round table discussion on the future of the implementation of the recommendations with the main actors of the electoral process.


Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges


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