MoEYS: Each student deserves 0.42 cents in the second phase of the school feeding program

MoEYS: Each student deserves 0.42 cents in the second phase of the school feeding program

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DILI, 05 august 2022 (TATOLI)—Minister of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) through Dili Municipal Director, Carlito da Silva said that in the second stage of implementing the school feeding program, each student will deserve 0.42 cents for school meals. 

“For the second stage, each student has the right to get 0.42 cents for school meals. Currently, a student just gets 0.25 cents for a school meal per day,” said the Director, Carlito da Silva toTatoli in Comoro Dili, this Friday.

He explained that the second stage of the school feeding program will be implemented in three months.

Silva said inflation has a global impact saying all basic needs price adds up including meals, therefore the Government agreed to increase the budget for the school meals program, aim to improve nutrition for children in the learning process.

“It is to ensure the foods are given to children must be healthy and nutritious,” he said.

Director Silva informed that the budget must be implemented simultaneously by 103 schools in the Dili municipality, according to the school’s calendar:” It is easy for us to control, the schools that do not have a well-implemented or even misuses the budget and without any real financial’s report. The school principal should take any responsibility, or even subject to sanctions,” he said.

He said that so far the supervisory team has supervised the implementation process at every school, starting from the implementation on the first day to the budget that has been used to prevent the mistakes.

“The total budget for the second phase of the implementation of the school feeding program is $1,463,808.77 providing school meals to the 50,511, students in 103 schools across Dili.

The government also provides a different budget to the meals supplier company with the total budget of $65,400 in Dili” he concluded


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.



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