MSC and SoSYS discuss an open mourning ceremony for late journalist Max Stahl  

MSC and SoSYS discuss an open mourning ceremony for late journalist Max Stahl  

(Photo Tatoli/Jose De Sa)

DILI, 17 august 2022 (TATOLI)- The commission of Max Stahl today met with Secretary of State Youth and Sport (SoSYS) talking about the preparation of an open mourning ceremony for late British and Timorese journalist Max Stahl.

President of MSC, Roseiro Castro Da Cruz said the open mourning of late Max Sthal and the inauguration of his grave were scheduled to be held on 28 of October this year.

“We are informing the government’s SoSYS regarding the open mourning ceremony including the blessing of max that’s grave, that we request for the cooperation of SoSYS to organize this ceremony’’ President of MSC, Roseiro Castro Da Cruz told reporters at SoSYS, lesidere this wednesday.

Cruz explained that the grave of late Max Stahl is under the construction and has been achieving 95% expect to be completed in September to proceed with the inauguration ceremony.

Since the date of death of Max Sthal was the same as the date of death of the young hero Sebastião Gomes, MSC also recommended the SoSYS set a date for the celebration of the two heroes at the same time.

“We are recommending to the government to set a calendar to celebrate their ceremony on the same date,”

Meanwhile, the National Director of SoSYS, Jacinto Antonio Ximenes said SoSYS welcomed all the recommendations from MSC, saying SoSYS is seeking financial support to celebrate the open mourning of the late Max Sthal and Sebastião Gomes who were the actors of the 12 November massacres.

“We promise to help the commission to organize this event, however, we cannot estimate how much budget will be provided for this event,”

Ximenes considered both Max Stahl and Sebastiao Gomes to be the true heroes who had sacrificed their bodies and souls to dignify Timor-Leste’s independence. 

Sebastião Gomes is a brave youth and independence leader who was murdered on october 28, 1991, by the Indonesian Military, Sebastiao Gomes caused a rally for freedom even after his demise. His death was leading to the famous Santa Cruz Massacre.

Max Stahl is a British, Timorese Journalist and Filmmaker who brought the shocking pictures of the Santa Cruz massacre to the world, Christopher Wenner, better known as ‘Max Stahl died at the age of 66, in Brisbane, Australia, on ocober 28, 2021.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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