Timorese coffee draws the attention of tourists

Timorese coffee draws the attention of tourists


DILI, 15 september 2022 (TATOLI– Timorese coffee has drawn the attention of tourists and visitors who visited Dili, today, with the ‘Le Laperouse Cruise ship’ from Australia.

Chary Fuitsingle a French tourist said Timor-Leste’s coffee is wonderful and the smells attract coffee lovers.

Photo Tatoli/Antonio daCiparu

“I never tested a wonderful coffee with a fantastic smell in my life. It is an organic coffee which grown naturally in Timor-Leste,” Chary Fuitsingle told TATOLI after testing Timorese coffee in Bidau Lecidere, Thursday.

Chary Fuitsingle said that particularly for the Timorese coffee it is unnecessary to add sugar: “I normally love to mix sugar with coffee, but for Timorese coffee, it is not necessary to mix with sugar, as it already teste sweet and taste good, I have never tried a coffee like this before,” he said.

At the same place, Josh Blot an Australian tourist visitor said he is happy to join the trip, adding that the visit allows him to test all the local products from Timor-Leste particularly Timorese coffee.

“I am very happy with the visit to try Timorese coffee and visiting some historical sites around Dili. I learned that there are more than 20.000 coffee farmers who grow this organic coffee,” he said.

Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony

Josh Blot said Timorese coffee is very original and tasteful compared with coffee from other countries.

“It is very original. Many tourists who visit the Coffee Cooperative, today, bought many packs of with a pack cost US$4 ” he said.

At the same place, Josh Blot promised to promote Timorese coffee overseas.

CCT’s Manager, Adelino Do Carmo said it is a great moment to welcome tourists from many countries around the world to visit Coffee Cooperative Association in Timor-Leste (CCT).

“We have a very good quality of coffee because it is an organic coffee. We hope there are some businessmen amongst the tourist who are interested to invest in our coffee,” he said.

According to Carmo every year CCT bought 22.000 tons of coffee from Timorese local farmers, but last year CCT has bought only 18.600 tons due to the decrease in coffee production.

Despite the difficulties, last year CCT exported more than 3.000 tons of coffee to various countries in the world, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, and others.

While in 2020, the country exported around US$11 million in Coffee, making it the 70th largest exporter of Coffee in the world. In the same year, Coffee was the third most exported product in Timor-Leste after Crude Petroleum ($63.2 million), and Petroleum Gas ($15.5 million)

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges


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