Ba FUTURU NGO organizes two days conference for 85 Timorese young ambassadors for peace

Ba FUTURU NGO organizes two days conference for 85 Timorese young ambassadors for peace

Photo Tatoli/Jose de Sa

DILI, 21 september 2022 (TATOLI)- Ba Futuru non-government organization (NGO) organizes two days conference for the 85 appointed young Timorese people from Luatem and Dili to become Ambassador for peace to bring positive change at the community level.

The Director Ba Futuru’, Juliana Marçal said the two days conference was organized to gather the ideas, knowledge, and experience of the 85 young Timorese Ambassador after attending training for the Peace project (Peacejam).

“ We are organizing this conference to 85 young Timorese people to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences within two days of training, and even included one month of practice at the community level,’’ The director of Ba Futuru, Juliana Marcal told reporters in Rai Kotu, this Wednesday.

According to Juliana, this activity is organized with the purpose to bring change in the life of young people.

“We are inspiring young Timorese people to make a change in their life, in family, and also in society by promoting the peace in community life, creativity, and innovation that contribute to the economic development of the community in their living places and today, they are sharing their ideas and experiences with others to engage in the learning materials they have gained to be implemented in the community fields”

Marçal said currently, they have given change in the community as an impact; such as they have built a peace Garden in the Golgota area, with a creative idea for a painting adding that the result inspired others to have involvement in the peace service projects.

Meanwhile, The National Director of Child Fund, Erine Dijkstra considered this opportunity a great privileged to support the Timorese people to make a change in community life.

“ We are happy working partners, ‘Ba Futuru’ NGO, PERMATIL, and CODIVA together encourage young people to know to make a change in their family and even at the society level,’’ The National Director of Child Fund said Erine Dijkstra

According to Dijkstra, this activity is realized with the support from the Child fund and New Zealand along with Ba Futuru through the implementation of “inspire youth to make a change’’. This project is a 4 years project, starting in 2021 to 2024 with a budget worth more than 300.000 USD.

At the same place, Antonio Pereira, a participant of training from Luatem municipality considered this program has helped him boost his knowledge in leadership, peace-building, problem-solving, and life skills: “It is a great moment for me to take part in this training. I have learned some knowledge comprising of Leadership, peace-building, problem-solving, and life skills,”

“As a peace Ambassador in this country, I will share all knowledge gained in two days of training with others, who is at indeed community level. It is to contribute to decision-makers, peace-building, and promoting innovative ideas moreover contributes to family income and the country’s stability,” he said.

So Far, in last 2021 the peace service project has benefited more than 300 young Timorese people from Dili, Manufahi, and Lautem.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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