FOKUPERS requests MoJ to provide national citizens certification to 25 abandonee children

FOKUPERS requests MoJ to provide national citizens certification  to 25 abandonee children

DILI, november 21 (TATOLI)– (FOKUPERS) Civil Society requests the Minister of Justice to facilitate national identity certification for 25 abandoned children whose mothers were victims of domestic violence and other violence.

Executive Director of FOKUPERS, Maria Fatima Gutteres Perreira made this request in commemoration of World Children’s Day.

“There are 25 children who were abandoned by their parents and they have the right to get citizenship certification because their mothers are also victims of domestic violence, therefore we recommend to the Minister of Justice to minimize the criteria for processing national identity documents. They must receive special treatment for the document processing for citizens of the country of origin so today we intend to work with the Minister of Justice through the Notary Department to provide birth certificates to 25 victims.” Maria Fatima Gutteres Perreira told reporters, at the FOKUPERS office, Monday.

The Minister of Justice, Tiago Sarmento said the Ministry of Justice would assist Fokupers to assist in processing legal documents for victims of domestic violence.

“They are victims who suffer physically and mentally so the Ministry of Justice will provide special assistance to the department to process their documents and the process will start in January and February next year 2023,”

The MoJ instructed notary staff to carry out the process of registering and collecting data on victims in shelters.

So far, FOKUPERS has recorded that from January to August this year there have been 101 victims of violence.



Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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