SEFOPE briefed another 36 Timorese workers to work in South Korea

SEFOPE briefed another 36 Timorese workers to work in South Korea

Photo Tatoli/SEPFOPE

DILI, 5 december 2022 ( TATOLI) -The Secretary of State for Vocational and Employment Training (SEFOPE) through the National Directorate of Foreign Workers (NDFE) held a meeting with 36 Timorese workers candidates before departing for South Korea on 16 October 2022.

The Secretary of State of SEFOPE, Alarico do Rosario, said the meeting aimed at providing them with clear and detailed information regarding contracts, criteria, and requirements they must fulfill before leaving for South Korea.

In addition, Rosario also urges the workers to fulfill all the legal regulations and the employment contract signed with the company owner in South Korea as well as the law imposed by the South Korean Government.

“On behalf of the Government of Timor-Leste and SEFOPE, I urge everyone to comply with all the legal regulations in South Korea to ensure your life and safety in South Korea. I remind you to use this opportunity to gain new experiences and save money, intending to create new jobs in Timor – Leste, when your employment contract ends,” Alarico do Rosario, said in Timor Lodge Comoro, Dili on wednesday.

Rosario also appealed to the parents of the workers to provide moral support for them to maintain their work in South Korea.

At the same place, a Representative from the South Korean Embassy in Timor – Leste Yan, appealed to all Timorese workers to learn more Korean language to be able to do the communication with their company as well as friends.

 Yan also appealed to Timorese workers to fulfill the legal regulations and prioritize working discipline in South Korea.

Based on the schedule, 36 Timorese workers will depart for South Korea on 11 December 2022.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B.


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