MS Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship will visit Timor-Leste on February 2

MS Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship will visit Timor-Leste on February 2

Cruise Ship MS Paul Gauguin (Photo/Special)

DILI, 30 january 2023 (TATOLI) – Cruise Ship MS Paul Gauguin from Australia will visit Dili on 2 February.

Chief Operating Officer of Lai-Ara Shipping Agency, Jorgino Ribeiro said Cruise Ships MS Paul Gauguin will bring over a hundred tourists to visit Timor-Leste.

Ribeiro explained that the ship will be landing at Dili harbor at 07:00 and the tourists will visit tourist attractions such as the Timor Resistance Archives and Museum, Cristo Rei, and certain places in Ermera and Maubara-Liquiçá.

“The cruise will bring 232 passengers and a crew of 225 people. The ship will leave Timor-Leste in the afternoon, after visiting tourist sites, and will continue to Komodo Island, Indonesia,” Ribeiro explained.

Jorgino Ribeiro said he has coordinated with the Tourist Information Center (CIT) of the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry, regarding the arrival of this MS Cruise.

According to Ribeiro, the tourists came from several countries such as Australia, the United States, and some from Europe.

It should be noted that Jelino Soares, Director General of Tourism, has planned that these cruise visits will find a more pleasant and planned reception for tourists, for this purpose, there are available local itineraries with tourism potential that include natural, religious, and historical sites and also several places where local handicrafts are produced.



Journalist: Jesuína Xavier

Editor: Izaura Lemos

Translation: Camilo de Sousa



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