UNICEF- ISAT and MSSI distribute IQC certificates to eight Timorese

UNICEF- ISAT and MSSI distribute IQC certificates to eight Timorese

Photo Tatoli/Jose De Sa

DILI 10 february 2023 (TATOLI)- United Nations of International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Minister of Social Solidarity and Inclusion (MSSI) together with Industry Safety Assessment and Training (ISAT) distributed IV of international qualification certificate (IQC) to eight Timorese attended training in Australia.

The country representative of Unicef in Timor Leste, Bilal Durrani said it is a great honor to witness the graduation of eight committed professionals of MSSI staff who are graduating for certificate IV training and assessment.

“UNICEF is honored to stand alongside MSSI to distribute international certification to eight staffs from MSSI staff that have been attending the training program in Australia in last year,’’ Country representative of Unicef in Timor Leste, Bilal Durrani told journalists at the ISAT conferences room, Palm business Spring, Hudi laran, Friday.

He added the training was conducted in Australia for 8 to 12 days to become qualified trainers that internationally recognized while ensuring social welfare programmers and policies are implemented smoothly in the ministries to support the most vulnerable population in Timor-Leste.

“I believe your commitment is admirable. You demonstrated such high professionalism and the value of MSSI and the social service in your willingness to continue learning, to contribute your knowledge, and working towards professionalizing the social welfare of professional workers in Timor Leste,’’ He assured

Durrani appreciates the process of completing a certificate of Social Service of Australia Qualification, which included MSSI Social welfare training modules that you have developed to become a mandatory accredited course in the future social impact institute social services courses.

Unicef would like to reiterate its commitment to support the government of Timor Leste through MSSI to strengthen the child and family welfare system through professionalizing the social welfare workforce and legal framework, among other things.

Minister of Social Solidarity, Armanda Berta said this training program is offered to eight staff to ensure human resource skill development.

“The training provided to help MSSI staff to have more knowledge for assessment program to identify the data of vulnerable people, poor population and also to help appropriate strategy for responding on this issue,’’ She explained

She added the eight MSSI staff has attended over that one year of capacity building in Australia to enhance more comprehensive international qualification certification.

Therefore, they can provide training to other government institutions, civil society organizations, and other development partners on the assessment program for social, inclusion and even for child protection issues.

ISAT managing director, Tammy Kassiou said ISAT is proud to be a local Timor-Leste company with international partners:” We are extremely delighted to the offered the opportunity to support the vision of MSSI and support UNICEF in the implementation of this wonderful initiative,”

He said, ISAT has been sent around the globe, and the industry prefers its trained workforce to have internationally recognized skills. 

Industry advocates the need for skilling qualifications that allow local people to compete for both domestic and international employment opportunities and increase workforce participation and productivity.

“Again, congratulation to all the graduates who are now qualified international trainers and assessors and we look forward to working with you in the next phase of this initiative,”

So far this training program is funded by the United Nations Children’s Emergency fund (UNICEF) took place in Australia for eight months.




Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges


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