Heineken employs 10 Environmental Brigades to provide clean service in Cristo Rei

Heineken employs 10 Environmental Brigades to provide clean service in Cristo Rei

Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony

DILI, 17 february 2023 (TATOLI)— Heineken Company today signed a contract with 10 Environmental Brigades to provide clean services at the Cristo Rei tourist site for six months.

The agreement was signed by the Secretary of State for the Environment (SEA), Demetrio Amaral, and the Director of Heineken Timor, Prasantha Manjuka.

“This agreement aims to employ 10 Environmental Brigades to clean up Cristo Rei, an icon of Dili, and the collaboration with Heineken is always supportive. I think these 10 people can help,” SEA, Demetrio Amaral, said this Friday at Cristo Rei.

In addition, Amaral said Heineken Timor had taken an important part with SEA in fighting plastic waste and supporting the greening process by planting trees in several areas.

The National Director of the National Center for Education and Environmental Information (NCEIE) SEA, Amenica Machado Fernandes explained that the contract with Heineken was for six months which the Environmental Brigade worked three days a week.

“The Heineken company will provide an allowance, each individual will get paid $5.oo per day including food while cleaning kits will also be provided by Heineken,”

Heineken Country Director, Prasantha Manjuka appreciates this collaboration and going forward with the support of the Environmental Brigade to continue paying attention to Cristo Rei for six months in the initial stages.

“I believe it will work out well and we will be able to continue this as a good project, where the private sector can work together with the government and do something very productive for the country,” he said.

He hopes that with this program, everyone will be very proud to see Cristo Rei as a very clean and well-maintained place. “I think every one of us come here and exercises not to leave trash, put trash in the right place and it will be better,”

The President of the Dili Municipal Authority, Guilermina Filomena thanked Heineken and SEA for their cooperation in cleaning up Cristo Rei saying although this is the responsibility of the Dili Authority, the Government and Partners are helping each other.

After the agreement ceremony, staff from Heineken Timor, SEA, BTL (Be’e Timor-Leste), the Dili Authority, and the Environmental Brigade jointly volunteered to clean up Cristo Rei’s environment.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá
Editor: Nelia B.


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