SSCP recorded 443 families are affected by natural disasters in 2023

SSCP recorded 443  families are affected by natural disasters in 2023

Torrential rain happened on the south coast some months ago and caused a loss of one man including the cutting off the three bridges. Image/Natural disasters

DILI, 09 march 2023 (TATOLI) – The Secretariat of State for Civil Protection (SSCP) currently recorded 443 affected families of natural disasters in the national territory of Timor – Leste.

The Director of External Relations and Communication of the Civil Protection Authority, Anacleto Caetano said since January to March, SSCP recorded 443 families affected by a natural disaster of the strong flood.

According to Caetano, the disaster that happened caused two people injured while seven fatalities were recorded.

 Caetano, said the victims of the flood disasters have received emergency support from the Gov’t SSPC, while the others who lived at the municipality level are under the process of verification. 

“Some victims of flood disaster have received emergency assistance such as kitchen materials, clothes, and construction materials to rebuild their home while the victims at municipality level including some in Dili are yet to receive the emergency assistance because the verification data is still under the process,’’ Caetano told reporters in his office, Cai – Coli, Dili.

Caetano added that at the moment SSPC had oriented the officers of SSPC in the municipalities to work together with the local Authority to verify the data of victims prior to receiving assistance from the Government, and asked the victims of the natural disaster to collaborate with the verification team in collecting the data to accelerate the assistance support to the victims of natural disaster in the national territory of Timor – Leste.

Following the natural disasters that happened this year, SSPC reminded all the residents to avoid living in areas at risk of natural disasters.

“SSPC urges the Timorese not to build the houses in risk areas, such in the beaches, rivers, and in the mountains to avoid flooding, strong winds, and landslides,’’ he concluded.

At the same place, the Head of the village of Bebonuk Dili, Serafim Machado, said that the Local authority often informed the community not to build houses in the risk area but some communities in Dili continue to build their houses on the side of the river, beach and also on the mountains because they have limited space to stay.

“We have no power to evict them, therefore we recommended to the Government through the Secretariat of State for Civil Protection to create the decree law as the fundamental base to prevent people building their house in the risk areas’’ he said.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B.


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