Mercy Crops and Caltech install 2.200 ceramics recycled from plastic waste in BJ Habibie Park

Mercy Crops and Caltech install 2.200 ceramics recycled from plastic waste in BJ Habibie Park

Program Director of Mercy Crops, Sameer Karki (Photo Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI 14 march 2023 (TATOLI)- Mercy Crops non-government Organization in coordination with Caltech company together with Alliance Plastic Solution (APS) installed 2.200 ceramics produced by recycled plastic waster in the famous tourism site, BJ Habibie bridge, Dili, Bidau Santana Park.

Program Director of Mercy Crops, Sameer Karki said the idea of stalling paves in this visible park in the tourism site of BJ Habibie Bridge in Dili at Bidau Santana Park, aims to ensure the local and international tourism can able to look the beautiful environment.

“ We are working with the Caltech company to recycle plastic waste to become a wonderful product that users can be used for tourism parks, in a private house, office or even in the bank of the street on the public roads,’’ Program Director of Mercy Crops, Sameer Karki told journalists at Bidau Santana, this Monday.

He added that these actions educated people on three important things such as reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic waste.

“It is a way to change your waste plastic for something useful and looks beautiful and ensures the environment resilience,’’ He explained

The manager of Caltech Company, Santina Monis said Caltech is a company that recycles plastic waste to become a beautiful product that can be used for a tourism site.

“We are in coordination with Alliance Plastic Solution members composed of Mercy Crops, USAID, Municipality Dili, Minister of Tourism Commerce and Industry, and others.’’ She explained

She added the company has recycled over 200.000 waste plastic to become 2.200 pieces of ceramics.

Caltech Company is committed to helping the government to reduce plastic waste in Dili municipality rather than the plastic waste going to the ocean and impacting damaging the environment and pollution.

The president of Dili municipality (PAM), Guilhermina Filomena Saldanha Ribeiro said it is great action contributed by the development partner, especially for the members of Alliance Plastic Solution.

“I appreciate so much the positive action made by our friends. It is great action doing on reducing rubbish in Dili municipality to ensure the beautiful place potential for tourism site can be good looking,’’ She appreciated.

She called all communities in Dili municipality to take responsibility for putting the rubbish and plastic waste in the proper place, as it can be recycled or transformed into wonderful products and useful for the people and the environment.

The ceramic product was produced by Caltech Company with a total of 2.200 pieces, with four reflecting tables set in the BJ Habibie Bidau Santana Park.

This project is funded by Mercy Crops worth 20.000 USD.




Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.


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