DNMG will install two ocean current gauges on the north coast of Dili and the south coast of Suai or Betano

DILI, 24 march 2023 (TATOLI)—The Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MTC) through the National Meteorology and Geophysics Department t (DNMG), this year will install two instruments to measure ocean currents sea temperature.

The Director of DNMG, Terêncio Fernandes Moniz, said that the tools to be installed are called Tide Gauge and Buoy.

“The purpose of installing the tools is to detect information about the state of the sea, besides it also will use to confirm the existence of tsunami waves generated by undersea earthquakes. These buoys observe and record changes in sea level out in the deep ocean,” the Director of DNMG Terêncio Fernandes Moniz, told Tatoli, in Canossa City 8 Dili, on friday.

He said currently DNMG, had conducted a survey at the installation site and planned to install the two ocean gauges within this year.

“The two tools will be installed on the north coast of Dili and the south coast of Suai or Betano,” he added.

DNMG is working with Rimes to purchase the tools which are funded by the Green Climate Fund ( GCF) around $21.7 million.

The budget will distribute to related agreements such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF), the State Secretariat for the Environment (SEA), the State Secretariat for Civil Protection (SEPS) including the DNMG.

“However, for DNMG through technical partners, it amounts to $12.7 million, the amount will not only be used by DNMG but has been shared with Rimes partners to install tools such as the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) Weather Doppler Radar and the Centro Forecasting System, including ocean current gauges,” he said.

Regarding rainwater detection tools, currently, DNMG has provided nine tools, but these tools cannot be used in municipalities yet, with the Green Climate Fund supported by DNMG, they will buy these tools so that they can be installed in municipalities.



Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor : Nelia B.


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